The Martini Club

Welcome to The Martini Club, where the lighting’s low, the dancers are sassy and the cocktails will take you to a different world. So sit back, sip your drink and wait for the show to start…

Cocktails and Dreams

Savannah Curtis has not been living her best life. So when her DJ boyfriend gets his big break, and decides it’s time to break up, everyone is thrilled. Her best friend Mia, her aunt Jen and even her boss Bel at The Martini Club, think this break up will be the making of her. Savvy’s journey through food, cocktails and a dalliance with an attractive bartender make her start to wonder where her life is going.

And then her rock star mum turns up, to turn it all upside down. Again.


Stay tuned for the Prosecco and Promises in February!

Prosecco and Promises

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