Summer Scribbles at Larmertree Festival

So, we here at The DumbSaint Project just got back from a wonderful few days at Larmertree Festival, where we ran the Summer Scribbles workshop. We had people from all over the country, all ages who came in to play The Sixty Second Scribble, roll the Story Dice and create co-operative stories.

We had a blast, and we hope you did too! So, all of the work created by our talented new friends will be up on our forum here within the next few days. If you came to see us in The Lostwood Tent at Larmertree, send in your work to dumbsaintproject@aol.com. Or even if you didn’t, send us something!

Plus, you can check out our flickr photos from the event. Hopefully, we’ll get to come back next year! Until then, happy writing!