On Joining ‘Authonomy’

Hi there lovely people!

I’m sure I’ve waxed lyrical about my own doubts about this online publishing stuff. Sometimes, it scares me. Because it’s so new and shiny and non-traditional. And I don’t really get the point of Kindle. (Give it a few years, it always takes me longer to jump on board with technology that everyone else gets straight away).

So I’ve joined Harper Collins Authonomy site, a place where writers and readers get to share their loves. You can read new books, save your favourites to your bookshelf, and leave constructive criticism.

I’ve just added my novel, Wine Dark, Sea Blue, so you can read it here. If you like it, please leave a comment and a star rating. If you really like it (or you’re just a really good friend!) please add it to your BookShelf. You have to sign up, but it costs nothing and takes about a minute.

Even if you’re not exactly sure what I write is your type of thing, just stopping by to show support would mean the world. It’s tough out there, and letting people see your work is terrifying. So at least this way I can hide behind the internet!

Happy Sunday, everyone!