The London Book Fair


So, I was quite excited about my little trip to the LBF, especially as it was free (because I’m a student, and entrepreneurial!) and because somehow in my little head, I’d convinced myself it cemented my standing as a writer. But the truth is this, nothing cements your standing as a writer except actually writing.

Whilst the LBF is a big funfair of book activity, it’s mostly populated by CEO’s and Heads of Marketing. I desperately searched for anyone who wasn’t wearing a suit to connect with, but to be honest, it was a big hubbub  of activity for non-writers. And whilst attempting to be a creative entrepreneur, I will have to deal with people in suits, unless it’s actually to my benefit and I can learn something, there’s really no point.

So, the writerly lesson for today? Only do things that are going to further your writing- try every opportunity, exploit every angle, but ultimately it’s the literal act of writing that’s the important bit, the schmoozing and marketing can come after the fact.