Finchley Lit Fest- A Recap!

I’ve been to a lot of festivals. I even created one myself. So when the Greenacre Writers were kind enough to let me get involved in the Finchley Literary Festival, I was overjoyed.

A series of workshops, talks, performances and so much more, through a variety of different venues in Finchley. It was just as brilliant as it sounds!

The main thing that I noticed, beyond the brilliant events, was the community surrounding the Greenacre writers and the festival. So many creative people coming together, supporting each other, listening and responding with enthusiasm and excitement.


And the level of talent was mind blowing. At the Spoken Word Showcase in Friern Barnet Library, there was such an array of authors, poets, short story writers. We even had a singalong! In my time attending such events its so rare that everyone is so wonderful! Plus an array of lovely cakes made it even better. I was lucky enough to meet Amy Bird, another author with my publishing imprint, and it occurred to me what a resource for local writers this festival is, as we wouldn’t have even known that we were connected!


The main event over the weekend featured wonderful writers and an excellent panel that really got me thinking about how we approach publishing, how things like race and gender are interpreted, and most of all inspired me to get back to my writing desk!

I was pleased to run a kids writing workshop at Friern Barnet Library, which was full of bright and talented young writers who blew me away with their creativity! It was such a great day, that I’m doing another Kids Writing Workshop in Barnet on Thursday 14th August, featuring games and activities to get little ones inspired! Ages 7-12.

I was so pleased to get a place in Emily Benet‘s packed workshop in Social Media for Authors, which was engaging, funny and informative.  Seeing the amount of local writers who want to know about social media, marketing, and generally how to get their book out there, I’ll be working with creative entrepreneur and marketing genius Steven Sparling of The Thriving Creative to offer a Marketing Bootcamp for Writers in Barnet at the end of July. Get in touch for more info!



Excess Baggage and how Writing can help.


How Writing Can Help to Lighten the Emotional Load.Image

We’ve all got baggage, it’s a fact of life. We all have rich histories, full of trials, tribulations and joy. And with that, comes a big suitcase full of stuff. Some of it we’ve dealt with, some of it we’re putting off unpacking.


So, how can creativity help? Writing allows us to ‘write around’ those subjects, the one’s that are a little too painful to face head on, but we can write our way into them, as if we’re looking at them using our peripheral vision, acknowledging them, but not waving a red flag.

Writing lets us focus on a tiny fragment. Perhaps you’re not ready to talk about the pain of losing your mother. But you might be able to write about the china teapot she used to keep in the cupboard when you were a child. Each of these fragments that we can access gets us a little bit closer to unpacking that baggage, and walking away a little bit lighter.


Why not try it out for yourself? My Writing for Wellbeing Workshop is on Saturday 26th May, 10am-4pm. And you can get it for HALF PRICE if you book THIS WEEK!  Just put FACEBOOK50 into the Promo Code box on eventbrite: click HERE. 


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