First Draft Finished!

As I’m sure you know from facebook, if you’re on there, I’ve finished the first draft of my novel. 6 months, baby.

I then planned to do as many esteemed writers suggest, and leave it in a box under the bed, and not look at it for a good month or so. Except, as soon as I decided to do that, I started getting more ideas. And worked out how to fix certain problems, and just in general, got my behind into gear.

Also, today, found a very interesting method of novel-brainstorming. Using collage. Cool, huh? So I think I might try that, if I can get my hands on enough glue and glitter. Firstly, because I love projects, secondly, because I love projects masquerading as work, and thirdly, well, maybe it’ll help. It’ll definitely help me decide if my character’s eyes are green or blue (have already switched three times as far as I can tell in about ten chapters!) and things like that.

Hmm, yay, Stuff that masquerades as art. Plus, it’ll make my blog look prettier.

Here’s a link to excellent writer Jennifer Crusie’s novel collages


This is Jennifer Crusie's- isn't it awesome?

Thanks to those who’ve said they’d like to read a copy, I’m going to get it through the edit and redraft phase, and then I’d really love some feedback from all that want to give it. Perhaps you could list yourselves in the comment box if you want a copy? I’m going to have the most thoroughly edited piece of work ever!