A little update…

Hi all,

I haven’t been around as much to share on my blog or promote stuff as much as I should. Mainly because I’ve been writing. I write at my day job, I write on my lunch break, I listen to writing podcasts on the way to work, and I get home and I continue writing.

When people ask me how my evenings are, I have pretty much nothing to say.

Unless they want to know about conversations I’ve had with the people inside my head.

In my day job, I’m working in content marketing, and after years of listening to The Creative Penn, The SPF Podcast and many more, I know I need to get my mailing list in order – I also assume that most of you, like me, might explode if you hear about GDPR one more time.

So, a quick recap of what I’m up to and where you can find me:

  • I’ve discovered Medium – and I love it. Go there for articles about things that are on my mind. They might not always be writing, often it’s me being my little lefty self, outraged or sad about something or rather, but I hope they might make you think/smile.


  • I’m going to start using my email list as exciting things start to happen, and after listening to David Gaughran on the Creative Penn this morning, I’ve realised I need to give you guys more to thank you for being readers. That doesn’t mean more mail or random spam (honestly, I don’t even have the time). It means more tips about writing, more of my favourite reads, great resources and anything else you’d like to see from me! (Put requests in the comments, and sign up to the mailing list here.)


  • I’m going a couple of talks this summer, but not ones you might think! In July I’ll be talking at a school careers day (if you wanted to be a writer as a kid, raise your hand!) and at a WI meeting in August. I hope I have some insights to share!


  • Also in August, Martinis and Memories will be coming to a retailer near you. I’ll let you know when the pre-order is available. This is Bel’s story, and I hope you love finding out about her. If you want to get your Bel fix now, Cocktails and Dreams and Prosecco and Promises are both suuuuuuuper cheap right now.


  • I am working on something a little different at the moment for my agent! We’re going in a bit of a new direction, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m in love with this book. It’s about the power (and heartbreak) of female friendships and I’m totally obsessed with this story. If you’re following me on Twitter or Instagram you’ve probably seen me harping on about it. I’m submitting it in the summer, and I’ll keep you posted on the new writing from me.


  • The Martini Club series will be getting a bit of a rebrand, so keep your eyes out for it! Something exciting this way comes. Even more of a reason to sign up to the mailing list. (GDPR disclaimer even though not really necessary on this occasion – I won’t pass on your details, spam you, or even email you very much. Only when I have news or something useful to share!)


Have a wonderful evening everyone!


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