Top Five Places for a Cocktail in London

So, writing Cocktails and Dreams meant a lot of research *cough*drinking*cough.

And now, I’m glad that I did that research. Partly because I don’t have to drink any more cocktails for a while, but also because I can now bring you…

A L Michael’s Official Best Cocktails in London List

  1. Cahoots

This is one of my favourite places ever. Underneath Kingly Court, I think I’ve walked past it so many times. It’s hidden away, and when you arrive you need to ask for the captain. It’s a lot of ‘what ho’s and vintage gorgeousness. The snacks are all wartime nostalgia treats – fishfinger sandwich anyone?- and the drinks are named after film stars. I can’t wait to go back for one of their swing nights.


2. Tonight, Josephine

I went here to celebrate the launch of Cocktails and Dreams, and I couldn’t have picked a better place. Neon, snappy cocktails and a white and black checked floor, along with a mirrored ceiling – it’s vampy, friendly and the cocktails are interesting. The only thing that could improve it is bar snacks.



3. Radio Rooftop Bar

Definitely one for the summer. Beautiful views, beautiful people, and some damn trippy dark mirrored bathrooms. Typical London prices, but there’s nowhere better to laze on a rooftop.


4. The Ivy City Garden

Just outside Liverpool Street is an oasis, but inside. Lots of leafy plants, funky pictures of animals and some effin’ delicious cocktails. All very classy and classic with a twist of fun and flirty. Plus, the food is amazing.

5. The Alchemist

Can’t leave The Alchemist off the list. It’s an unbelievable mixologist’s dream. I love a theme, and The Alchemist follows through with the science-y vibe. The cocktail menu is a periodic table, and everything is designed to delight and surprise, from the drinks served in test tubes and conicals, to the ones that change colour halfway through drinking them. Makes you clap and cheer like a child.



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