Reading Whilst You’re Writing

I love reading. One of the main downsides of writing is that I can’t read whilst I’m writing. Partly because I feel guilty – if I’ve got time to read, I’ve got time to write. The other part is the fear of what you read:

  • Either it’s too similar to what you’re trying to achieve and you’re panicked that you’ll end up stealing ideas.
  • Or, worse, it’s excellent and you’re reminded you’ll never write anything that good and you become depressed and stall in your project.

But sometimes you find a book that’s just different enough not to scare you out of your genre, and just brilliant enough to inspire you instead of depress you.

A friend recently gave me A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald, by Natasha Lester.

It was beautiful and different and comforting. Also, I read it whilst the women’s marches were going on, and it was so empowering to read about a woman fighting the system she was born into. It’s set in 1926, and Evelyn Lockhart wants to be one of the first female obstetricians. In order to fund this, she works at Follies on broadway, dancing, singing and not wearing very much at all. It’s an empowering, energetic wonderful story about a woman setting her sights on what she wants and not giving up, no matter what. The book is glitzy, well paced and has a wonderful array of characters who are fiesty and loving.

It was exactly what I needed to read, and has left me feeling energised and excited to write! Plus, who doesn’t love a little dazzle from the 20s?!

You can find the book on goodreads and the audio on Amazon

and I really hope the book will be available in the UK soon!



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