Mama Bears, Fiction and The Fabulous Return of The Gilmore Girls

I am so excited to share my latest book with you ever so soon!

Be My Baby is book three in the House On Camden Square series, and it’s out on 7th November. It should be available on Netgalley this week for any bloggers waiting for it.

This one’s close to my heart, not only because it’s the end of the series, and I have to say goodbye to Evie, Mollie, Chelsea, and the memory of Ruby Tuesday. I’ve grown to love these characters, and it’ll be hard to let them go.

Each book has had a theme, and it’s usually linked with family. Evie’s story was about escaping her family, putting up the boundaries she needed to move forward. Chelsea’s was about accepting her family and where she came from. Mollie’s story is about creating her own family, and dealing with the loss of the family she should have had.

Thing is, this year I’ve been inspired by some kick ass Mama Bears, and that’s where this book has come from. Forget the sisters who are doing to for themselves, it’s the mother’s doing it for their kids that got this book going. The whole series has been about the parenting mistakes the main characters’ parents made, and so far, Mollie’s been making it look easy.

Be My Baby is about the difficult decisions parents have to make, and how families don’t have to look the same – the characters at The Ruby Rooms have a ‘takes a village’ vibe, and Mollie and Esme have a big, loving family. So what happens when the man who should have been part of their family unit turns up again?

And in Mama-Daughter inspirational awesomeness, one of my favourite shows is returning this autumn! The Gilmore Girls is back after a seven year gap. This show was the ultimate in mother-daughter relationships, family strife and in jokes. The story of a young mum who raises her daughter alone, surrounded by a cast of nutty and creative characters, I took a lot of the feeling of GG in book 3. Plus, the main thing I love about Gilmore Girls is that everyone is ON POINT all the time, they’re witty and smart and always have a clever retort, and that’s how I like to write, because that is so not real life. Well, it’s not my life. I never have that witty retort ready!

So, having just written the acknowledgements on Be My Baby, you’ll know it’s for those warrior queen kick ass mamas – keep on keeping on, ladies.


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