5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ruby Tuesday

If you liked meeting Ruby in Goodbye Ruby Tuesday, seeing her teenage antics and drama, then you’ll have even more of her wit and wisdom in the second book in the House on Camden Square series, Nice Day for a White Wedding.

But here’s five things you might not know about her:

  • Ruby’s real name is Ruby Jane Montgomery, she was given her full name before her mother gave her up. She’s never looked for her, but a few people claiming to be her mother got in touch when she got famous. She never met any of them.
  • Ruby sent little gifts to Mollie for her child ever since she left, up until she died. She never met her, and never gave an address for Mollie to write back.
  • Ruby was still sick before every gig, throughout her career. No matter how many times she performed, no matter how small the show. The nerves always got to her.
  • She’s only been in love once.
  • And she looks like this:


Ruby image

Thanks to Anna Martindale for her awesome work putting Ruby into reality!


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