What’s Coming Up in 2016

Hi Friends,

I know I’ve been quiet for a while, things have been manic. I took on a 9-5 job, which is excellent, plus I’ve been teaching, studying, editing one book and writing another, and generally overwhelming myself. That’s the lesson I’m taking on from 2015.

So here’s a little on what you can expect from me in 2016:

A brand spanking new three book series! All of the characters are completely new, and of course, it’s set in my beloved London town (with an exception for a beautiful Italian landscape in book 2). I can’t tell you too much about it just yet, but I can give you a few snippets of information:

The books are about 3 childhood friends who reconnect.

They’re about how the arts can bring us together and give us hope.

The first one is due out in the Spring of 2016, and is called Goodbye Ruby Tuesday.

Hope that’s whet your appetite just a little. I’m really excited about this new series and can’t wait to get them all shiny and perfect so you can read them!

You can also expect something a little different when it comes to the launch! With help from the fabulous Sara Veal, we’re going to be launching the book with an awareness of what the arts mean to young people, and hopefully doing some good! A little different to your drinks and canapes (but I’m sure there’ll still be canapes). Stay tuned!

And now one of the most important things I’ll be doing in 2016, and something maybe you can help with…

Some of you may know I also work as a creative therapeutic facilitator, running creative writing workshops that are designed to focus on wellbeing. I’m currently doing research for my MSc, and my research project is called Writing to Nourish – I’m basically running three creative writing classes for women who are in recovery from eating disorders, wanting to get their feedback on which writing tasks they enjoy and find positive and useful. The classes would be on Saturday mornings in North London, and the research could help design workshops that can help in eating disorder recovery. I’m really passionate about this work, and would love to hear from people who would like to get involved in this research.

If you would like to know more, or you know anyone who would like to be involved, please email me at writingtonourish@gmail.com and I’ll give you all the details!


In my personal life this year, I’ll be trying my best to travel, learning to snowboard, committing myself to my yoga practice and generally focussing on wellbeing and health, things that connect with my books and my research!

Dear readers, this year I wish you as many books as you can disappear into, as many worlds as you wish to discover. I hope you feel grateful every day, loved every minute and inspired as often as you can bear it. And if any of that is too deep, I wish you many adorable kitten videos on Youtube.


Happy New Year!



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