The Catch 22 of Writing a Novel- Prioritise!

My deadline for my current Work In Progress was meant to be Wednesday. I am just over a quarter of the way through, so that’s clearly not going to happen. Which sucks because I was so excited to be writing this book, but also because I prided myself on being on of those ‘reliable’ authors who could meet deadlines. It’s on my CV and everything.

Was this extended deadline due to my inability to plan my time? No, not really. What it was down to was my inability to prioritise my creative work over my immediately paid work. In order to write, you need to survive. In order to survive, you need money. In order to have money, you need to work. In order to work you need time. And time is what you need to write a book.

The hilariously irritating thing about this catch 22 is that if I put my paid work on hold, and focused on writing books, within two years I might be completely self-sufficient and only have to do the extra paid work for additional money.

It’s a creative catch 22- and it’s pretty damn difficult to get out of. Unless you live at home rent-free, or you have a day job that you can leave behind when you get home. Or you’re capable of being creative when you’re panicking about your electricity bill.

So what’s the answer here? Obviously, we have to work to survive, but whilst it’s difficult to prioritise creativity over standard work, the lesson here is to remember that they are both work. One may be enjoyable, but the point is that it is not selfish to do your work. Sometimes, your creative pursuits will have to come above other people, enjoyment, connecting, family, fun and a bunch of other important stuff. But if you were willing to prioritise your paid work for those things, then you should prioritise your creative work too.

Now, I’m getting back to work!

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