New Goal, New Dream, New Year.

I’m a dreamer. I’m a planner. And I’m not the only one.

As a writer and someone interested in the therapeutic benefits, I can tell you this: writing down your goals makes them real. However, spending time THINKING about these goals is more important. Pick something that means something to you. Something that will change your life, that will stretch you but not break you.

I have a terrible habit of picking a hundred things I want to do. Or I pick a goal, but don’t plan HOW I’m going to get there. Achieving our dreams is a process that includes planning, thinking, visualising and DOING.

For example, I’m sitting here thinking: I want to have four more books out next year. That’s entirely possible. But I’m sitting here thinking about that instead of editing the book that would be the first out of those four. There is a time for dreaming and a time for doing.

Use these next couple of days wisely- think about what you want from 2015, but more than that, think about what you can do TODAY to make those dreams possible! Every journey starts with a step, yes, but it also is continued by steps every day, and there’s usually a map and a general sense of direction! Get together your tool kit for 2015, what’s going to help you on your journey?

My aims for 2015:

-To have four new novels out

-To get to grips with vlogging, podcasts and other active forms of social media

-To continue on my healthy journey, and explore how creativity can promote health

-To make more money from the work that I do, working smart instead of just working hard

-To find adventures and explore every day


Some of these are personal, some are professional, but all can be achieved with a plan and a little time each day to consider whether what I’m doing is taking me towards where I want to be. In my toolkit, I’ll need motivation, the support of friends and family, a work ethic, a dozen reminders of my goals, and an understanding of what my success will look like.

How will you know if you’ve achieved your goals? How can you tell what your doing is working? Think of a plane’s trajectory- the smallest change in direction at the beginning of a journey can be all the difference at the end of it.

Go slow, go steady, and get excited.

Wishing you a creative and fruitful New Year.

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