Driving Home for Christmas- What’s Up with That?

So, my next novel, the festive ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ will be released on the 28th October (the day before my birthday- yay for double amounts of fizzy wine!) but if you’re a reviewer, blogger or book fanatic and want to read an advanced copy in return for a review, click HERE for the netgalley link.


Driving Home for Christmas is the story of Megan McAllister, and the stress of returning to her small town home after ten years away from her parents. As a pregnant teenager, she ran off to London to live with her aunt, and now she’s back, with daughter Skye in tow. Christmas is the time to forgive and forget, right? But with Megan’s childhood sweetheart still hanging around in town, is forgetting really the answer?

A sweet, nostalgic, romantic Christmas story about what happens when we finally go back home.

Plus, don’t miss the Driving Home for Christmas Blog Tour, where I’ll be giving away a great goodie bag filled with festive swag, as well as interviews, blogs, excerpts and much more!

Driving Home BLOG TOUR2 (4)

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