6 Weird Things that Only Writers Would Say


1) ‘Be proud of me, I have checked my Amazon Central/Novel Rank for over an hour!’

2) ‘I’m not going to get upset over a bad review…but she criticised my grammar and couldn’t even spell the word “review” properly!’

3) ‘This Blog Tour planning is making my head explode.’

4) ‘I think I’m walking the thin line between enthusiasm and spam. I hope my friends don’t hate me.’

5) ‘DEADLINE DEADLINE DEADLINE. WHY WON’T YOU WORK BRAIN, WHY?’ (this one also applies to students)

6) ‘I don’t want to be difficult, but…’ (Cover changes, title changes, storyline changes etc)

If this sounds familiar, add your own in the comment box! Also, if you don’t know about blog tours, Novel Rank, or any of that stuff above, why not join me at a Marketing for Writers workshop with creative business entrepreneur Steven Sparling? It’s in Central London on 27th September, and is currently only £49! For a whole day of tips, tricks and plans to get your book promoted properly. Plus a guest Q and A from a publisher! Click HERE for more info!


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