Marketing for Writers: London Workshop

There’s a lot of talk about what it takes to be a writer. But no-one really tells you that writing is only the beginning. What about once you’ve created it? Maybe it’s up on Amazon, maybe those books are sitting in your living room. Maybe you have a publisher, but you’re still looking at those sales figures and sighing.

Sales are not necessarily about quality. It’s about how you get the word out there.

When I published my first print book, I had no idea what I was doing. By the time I joined Carina, I realised that the life of an author is the life of a marketing manager, a social media guru, an advertising exec, a salesperson, and a whole lot more.

I remember how awful it was to feel panicked about your book not doing as well as it deserved. It’s your baby after all.

So I got together with creative business genius Steven Sparling, and we decided to run a workshop for writers, that was specifically about how to promote your book. It’ll be personal to you, of course. There’s no point approaching Chick Lit bloggers when you write crime! It’s a day of useful tips, marketing tools, and we’ll create a personalised plan for you about how to go forward, based on your limitations and strengths, and what you want to achieve! PLUS we have the chance for a Q and A with a publisher, so you can ask them what they want from authors, and what’s expected of writers in the digital age!

It’s 27th September 10am-5pm
Central London

only £89!!!

For a day packed with tips and tricks, a detailed marketing plan created for you, the chance to ask questions of a publisher, and much more, we hope you’ll join us and get your book the recognition it deserves!

Writers Bootcamp Poster2


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