Festivals, or Why My Little Hippie Heart Sings Whilst I’m Camping

So I worked at Larmertree Festival again this year, and there’s a bunch of reasons why it’s still my favourite festival. It’s just so relaxed, and everyone’s lovely, and there’s always something new to discover.

On the first day, I premiered my Writing for Wellbeing Session, (after getting stuck in traffic and arriving late- not so great for my wellbeing!) and it was a perfect afternoon start. Relaxed, we explored the ideas of names, what people call us, our nicknames, our titles and what they mean to us. We discovered a lot about each other in our little group, and I really felt like everyone ‘got’ what we were trying to achieve.

Over the next few days there were stories about pig-butterflies, feathers, girls from unpronounceable cities and a lot of laughter. Workshops at festivals are always such a joy, because there’s no expectation. You can turn up and have a go, and everyone’s just so pleased to try something new!

Now I’m back in the real world again, and it’s on with editing my next book, (and plotting the one after that), teaching a variety of workshops, for wellbeing, around the centenary, or just for fun, and I’m really pleased to be working with Watford Palace Theatre in my new town.

And Don’t Forget- If you want a little help promoting your book, or planning for your promos, I’ll be hosting a workshop with creative business genius Steven Sparling in Central London on 27th September.

Writers Bootcamp Poster2

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