Cross-Overs and Thereafters: Not ready to say goodbye to characters?

After The Last Word got some very nice reviews, I was asked if I’d do a sequel. Originally, I said no. I was done with those characters, they’d lived their story and it was their turn to chill out and live happily ever after (which is what happens if you reject a sequel).

I’ve been thinking recently that I miss Tabby and Harry, that I wonder whether Rhi still works in the library and how Chandra’s life’s going now she’s met Mr Right. I wonder if there are going to be fights and kids and work issues. All I can be sure is that Tabby is not allowed to suddenly be publishing a book of her articles a la Carrie Bradshaw, and that I do not go in for introducing another yummy male lead. No-one’s better than Harry.

So I’d been thinking I might return to these characters in their thirties. Time has passed, things are changing, life is just…different. But I’ll have to wait until I’m a little closer to that myself to write it.

However, upon working on my latest WIP The Young and Bitter Club, I accidentally created some connections with my characters. Some of them know each other, some bump into each other. Because, of course, the North London creative scene is sure to let you bump into people. And that whole six degrees of separation thing. So for those of you who are wanting just a little more Harry and Tabby, there’s be a few little snippets in The Young and Bitter Club! Exciting!

1 thought on “Cross-Overs and Thereafters: Not ready to say goodbye to characters?”

  1. I love cross overs! Sarra Manning does it wonderfully… it really makes you feel like those characters are out there in London somewhere. I like putting the same pub in all my stories, even in the fairytale!

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