What to Get for that Writer in Your Life.

We can be a difficult bunch, really. After a few Moleskine notebooks, a Parker pen and a few books on creative writing, what can you possibly buy for the writer that has it all? Because, like most crafters, we have a system.

Yes, some of us may use Moleskines (If it’s good enough for Picasso and Hemmingway AND fits in my back pocket, then yes, I am most certainly on board) but most of us will probably be comfortable with a certain routine. For example, I am dedicated to using ink rollerball pens. I tried buying myself an expensive fountain pen, but it just didn’t work. People constantly buy me beautiful notebooks, which I love, but find them too pretty to mar with my insignificant words. 

I prefer thin-ruled lines to thick ones, scraps of till receipt over big blank pages and all of this says one thing: I am a little bit OCD when it comes to my writing process. 

Which is when I start to become a pain around Christmas-present time.

And then, my glorious family members found some excellent websites that made my holiday. Because there is nothing I love better than a theme. And apparently the theme of my presents this year was ‘Snarky Writer’.

This mug was found at The Literary Gift Company, my favourite new place to waste time on the web, hankering after beautiful things I can’t really indulge in. But look, see, it has writing crossed out, and replaced with editing! Because the mug is being edited! Isn’t that cool? You can see where my inner geek comes out to play. And it involves witty writing merchandise.

For those of you this side of the pond, another favourite is BookishEngland. I’ve got my eye on their Ampersand Necklace. So maybe next year…hint hint.

The other find this year was Cafe Press, who have been around for a while but I never really considered before. That’s where the t-shirt and notebook came from (it’s like it was made for me! Look, it’s using affectionate terms as a means of degradation!).

My brother is training to be a graphic designer, so I decided to buy him a few themed gifts as well. Oh, how I love themes!

Hope these have given you some good ideas for writerly presents in the future, and it didn’t just seem like I was bragging about my Christmas loot. I kinda am. But, well, look at it.

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