A Writer’s Nest : Significant?

How much relevance does a writing space hold? Sure, we all want the fab flat, the creative haven to sit in, but does it define our writing? There’s got to be an endless number of writer’s who, after scratching away at a kitchen table during the ‘poor years’, when they upgraded to the big fancy desk, still found their way back to that kitchen table. Some write on trains, some write notes to themselves in their text message drafts.

I’m planning on creating a writing room. Well, half a writing room, half an office necessary for being all business like. (We’re creative entrepreneurs, not just artists remember). However, I’ll probably still end up craning over my laptop on my bed, no matter how beautiful and creative the room is.

But, I thought I’d show you these links:

Flavorwire article on peeking inside writer’s homes

Which lead me here , a slideshow of Norman Mailer’s apartment, which I WANT. I covet other people’s books most of all.

But most of all, I want a Narnia type cupboard that leads to a secret cubby hole, full of cushions and fairy lights. That would be perfect!

So, where do you write? Does it inspire you? Are you a slave to continuity and routine, or can you write anywhere? And does anyone ever write anything decent on a laptop in a Starbucks?

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