The Bridport Prize

The Bridport Prize is an amazing writing competition that is nationally renowned.

This year the fiction judge is A. L. Kennedy, who is definitely one of my favourite writers, for both her novels and short stories. As well as the fact that she also writes non-fiction books, articles for the Guardian, and is a stand-up comedian. Legendary.

So I’m taking it as a sign to apply this year. Because firstly, £5k is a fair wedge of prize money, and secondly, why not? Opportunity rarely punches you in the face to get your attention, but sometimes you don’t have to chase so hard to get a hold of it.

So for any other writers out there, maybe check it out, it can’t hurt. It also has a flash fiction and poetry section! Carol Ann Duffy is judging the poetry.

It’s £6 for poem, £7 for story entry fee, and the entry date closes 30th June 2011.

Just the idea that A. L. Kennedy will read something I’ve written is enough to enter.

And here I go, being a literature geek again.

Check it out:

Bridport Prize

And (because now you’re intrigued)

A. L. Kennedy

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