Now at 1000! (and other news)

Again, a big Thank you to those reading and responding to Cafe Disaster, it’s now reached over a thousand hits. So thank you, wonderful unknown readers.

For those who are my friends already, well, aren’t you lovely?

And to those strangers who have stumbled upon the site, well, keep stumbling. You guys reading makes me want to write. And me wanting to write makes me want to kill less coffee consumers.

Cafe Disaster–  A scary look inside the mind of your average coffee monkey.

In other news, I’ve been offered a one-off editing job, have applied to write travel copy for EasyJet (well, ‘easy’ is in the title, how hard can it be?) and have jumped back aboard the good ship inspiration, to finally peer past the writerly self-doubt into the future of my novel, and have seen where my characters are going to end up.

Good, huh?

Except that I need a finished, edited novel by September. Better get a wriggle on.

Off to go stare at a blank page like a real writer. Toodle Pip!


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