Novel Press Release

Hi y’all, seeing as I’ve passed my 30,000 word mark on the novel, I thought I’d put up my press release. It’s terrible having to explain to people what it’s about, so for those of you who are curious, I thought this would tell you what I’m up to, better than I can!

Also, Blue is a working title. Pretty sure naming a book is as problematic as naming a child- you don’t want to decide for them what they’re going to be, and a name is defining. There are other options, but this is nice and simple as a working title for now.




A.L. Michael

A first novel from a new young author, Blue is the story of Ellie Kazakis, a third-generation Greek Cypriot who wakes up after a night of heavy clubbing, drinking and drug-taking to find that her grandmother is dead. The novel charts the forty days of mourning, in which Ellie tries her hardest to follow Greek tradition- no drinking, no drugs, no sex. In fact, she sets herself a task- no happiness of any kind.

But there’s a boy, as there always is, and he just wants to make her happy. Whether she wants to or not. Her best friend knows she’s hiding something, her brother is starting to drift back into addiction, and her parents are lying to her.

Oh yeah, and she’s the only one who knows her grandmother killed herself.


A darkly funny story that will appeal to anyone who has ever lied to their family for their own good, Blue is distinctly London; gritty but sweet. A novel for the Recession generation, focused around the ‘Holy Four’: Love, Sex, Drugs and Death. Usually in that order.



A.L. Michael is a features writer and reviewer for online film magazine The Film Pilgrim (www.thefilmpilgrim.com), writes Cafe Disaster, a blog focused around her day job at Starbucks, where she self-admittedly ‘rants about stupid things until I stop wanting to hurt people’, and recently started flash-fiction twitter feed ‘The Modern Day Love Letter’ (www.twitter.com/badloveletter) a series of hilarious updates showing that modern dating is about as romantic as getting your eyebrows plucked: painful, but you just put up with it.




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