NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) is a ‘competition’ (although you don’t win anything other than self-satisfaction) where people all over the country are writing 50,000 word novels in ONE month.

This is a pretty amazing attempt, and let you me tell you, it’s hard. I tried it last year, but couldn’t quite keep up. But I did get a lot of good writing out of it- it’s enforced inspiration. It doesn’t matter if what you’ve written is crap, it just has to get down on the page. You can upload your chapters into the website and it’ll keep a word count for you.

I’m a big fan of NanoWrimo, but I couldn’t even try it this month, as I really don’t think it would help the novel I’m working on, plus the MA work I’m doing, it would probably kill me! I am, however, inspired by the Nano-theory, and my deadline for my novel is mid September 2011.

Which sounds like a long time, especially compared to a month! Im not entirely sure it is, when you consider I’m a third of the way through my first draft! Factoring in about eight redraftings, then maybe ten rounds of editing, and then the very important task of putting it away and not looking at it for a good few months. So really, I shouldn’t be blogging on here- I should be writing!

If you’re interested in NanoWrimo, you may be a bit late for this one, but they’ve got some great writing support and inspiration. Check them out here!

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