The Hows/Whys/Wherefores

I’m A. L. Michael, a writer. Yes, I realised I could have used a semi-colon there, instead of a comma. That’s because I’m a writer. This is my little corner of the web universe, and whilst most of you won’t care what I’m up to, a few of you (yes, you, guilt-tripped family and friends) just might.

My writing career thus-far is rather short-lived. I write features for an online film magazine (you can find this in my About section) and have a few short stories being published in magazines. They’ll be posted up here in celebration when the physical printing part comes through.

So seeing as this won’t be a normal ‘author’ site for a while (IE, I’m not doing signings or book tours or literary fests just yet) I thought I’d use it to keep up to date with where I am with my novel, inspiration and stories, and planning my business venture The DumbSaint Workshops, a KeyStage 2 Creative Writing Workshop that will be available in schools from 2011. You can find more information about that here.



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